Sawai : An yearly “pilgrimage” of classical music connoisseurs

As the yearly “pilgrimage” of classical music connoisseurs, to the Sawai Gandharva Music Festival in Pune concludes, each of us has that mixed tearful feeling , one of satisfaction , bliss and completion .. and the other of separation. This 62nd Sawai was a special one where everyone was tested for their patience and perseverance  as rains had forced postponement of earlier schedule from Dec 12 to 14 ,2014 .. but finally we all overcame and got through successfully from Jan 1st to 4th , 2015 !

The “Sawai friends” and groups that get formed over the 4 days of festival while experiencing the exquisite heavenly musical treats together ! These bonds of friendship , the camaraderie and oneness with the fellow audience , the stage , the place , the chairs , the surrounding , the pandaal .. everything had quickly become a habit and a routine within these four days.. hence saying good byes was the most difficult thing !
But the promise of meeting again at same place,not next year but this same year 2015 itself , is a consolation !

So good bye folks .. hope to see you all back .. same place .. Dec 2015 !

Here are the links to the “The Daily Sawai Report” of 62nd Sawai Gandharva Music Festival

Finale : Sunday Jan 4 , 2015

The Finale … Sawai Report – Day 4 Sunday 4th Jan , 2015

Day 3 : Saturday Jan 3 , 2015

Sawai Report – Day 3 Saturday 3rd Jan , 2015

Day 2 : Friday Jan 2 , 2015

 A memorable “feast” at Sawai Festival !

Day 1a: Thursday Jan 1 , 2015

Sawai “resumes”

Day 1 : Thursday Dec 11, 2014


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