Sawai Diaries 2016 , Highlights Day 4


Saturday evening crowd of Sawai 2016 was welcomed with a Bhimpalas by the young Jaipur-Atrauli dame Dhanaashree Ghaisaas. Trained under Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande , she has definitely imbibed the feminine softness of her guru. The best part of her presentation was that her rendition was soft and mellow “Samay anurup” in tune with the weekend aftnoon. Being easy on eyes is other important aspect that calms down the audience , especially the younger ones of YZ generation and mostly from IT-ITES industry, typical of this Saturday evening concerts. The Bhimpalas traditional bandish in vilambit “Re biraha” and drut “Ja ja re apne mandiravaa” with a tarana and a soft dadra “najariya lage nahi kahin aur” concluded her concert giving way to the father son duo of Shrinivas and Viraj Joshi to take on the stage. They presented Yaman with traditional bandishes “Laalan ke sang” in vilambit , “mori gagar na bharan det” in drut and concluded with two bhajans “Maaza bhaav tuze charani” and “Maze maher pandhari” Such concerts give opportunities for true Sawai connoisseurs to explore the food stalls and have their yearly meetup at exhibition hall over tea , coffee and the wonderful spread of snacks and food available outside pandal ! My favorite stall this year is “Pratyushan foods” that has tasty and traditional Maharashtrian “satvik” spread of delicacies. “Paangi” , “Batate vada” , “Sabudana vada” , “Dadpe Pohe” , “Mau Bhaat”. The Tomato Soup at the”Purnanna” stall is worth a try too.

The priced concerts of the evening started around 7pm with the highly talented duo from Maihar gharana Lakshya and Ayush Mohan Gupta on Sitar and Sarod respectively , followed by Dhrupad vocal of Pt Uday Bhawalkar and the concluding by midnight with Violin father son duo of  Pt  L Subramanium and Ambi Subramanium.

Laksha Mohan and Ayush Mohan Gupta with the taleem of Maihar gharana , truly demonstrated the high quality , fine taleem and tradition of Maihar lineage. Starting with Jog , aalap , Jod and a gat they mesmerized the audience with intricate melody patterns. They then , moved on to the traditional Maihar special “Maanjh Khamaj” extensive aalap , jod , jhalaa and gat with jugalbandi and Savaal-javaab. The audience applauded and demanded “Once more” , the farmaish was honoured with a Mishra Maand dhun with shades of multiple raags in a raagmala.

Pt Uday Bhawalkar dhrupad vocal started with Bageshree. The stability and unwavering consistency of each progressive note (swar / shruti) and the “Theharav” brings a serious and contemplative mood. This truly calmed down the “Saturday night” maahol and made the audience introspect. He continued with Shivstuti in raag Shivranjani with a bandish that explains the meaning of the six words “Om Namah Shivaay”.

The final concert of the evening started at around 10.30pm by father son violin duet of Pt L Subramanium and Ambi Subramanium. L Subramanium mesmerized the audience with his expansive alaap in Raag Kalyani of  Carnatic style ( which roughly correlates to Yaman Kalyan and Yamani Bilawal together) . The violin masters demonstrated the  softness of their touch and intricate melody patterns spanning three octaves in various tempos. They concluded the concert by 11.45pm with a short composition of raagmala starting with Khamaj and moving on to Bhairavi that roughly corresponds to Thodi (todi) of Carnatic style.

Looking forward to Day 5 and the finale tomorrow !



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