Sawai Diaries : Report Day 3, Dec 12 2015

Bharati Pratap-2

Day 3, Saturday late noon opened up with Bharati Pratap’s Bhimpalas bandish “Naad samudra mahakathin” ( नाद समुद्र महाकठिन ) followed by “Ata surat man bhaavani” ( सूरत मन भावनी ) and continued with a tarana that captured the late noon ambience perfectly. She concluded her presentation with a playful Khamaj dadra “Lachak lachak mohan chale aaye” ( लचक लचक मोहन चले आए ) . She was ably accompanied by the Shirodkars, Seema and  Vishwanath Shirodkar on Tabla and Harmonium respectively .

Raghunandan Panshikar whose identity is “Disciple of Gaansaraswati Kishori Amonkar” started with expansive Bhoop in vilambit with very soulful “dheemi badhat” . He continued with the popular Kishori Amonkar bandish “Sahela re aa milkar gaye” ( सहेला रे ) that woke up the audience. He concluded with his trademark bhajan “Padmanabha Narayana” ( पद्मनाभा नारायणा ). His Accompanist : Prashant Pandav Tabla and Tanmay Deochakke on Harmonium

The young duo of Pravin Godkhindi on Bansuri, accompanied by Ojas Adiya on Tabla presented the kind of music that young saturday crowd at Sawai was waiting for. Maru-bihag in gayaki ang and continued with Rageshree in Tantakari style. Like every instrumental jugalbandi , this was applauded by crowd in youthful manner. They concluded the presentation with the tune of abhang popularized by Pt Bhimsen Joshi “Maze Maher Pandhari” ( माझे माहेर पंढरी )

I could not attend the concerts slated later : Kathak by Rajendra Gangani and then vocal by Pt Ulhas Kashalkar. Pt Ulhas Kashalkar, who is presenting in second consecutive year at Sawai, is also known as “Singer of Singers”. He has a typical fan following too. While the young crowd moved on for Saturday night partying , his audience were treated with raag Jog , Adana with bandish “Pir parayi” and Bhairavi “Jamuna ke tir”. His regular accompaniment, Pt Suresh Talwalkar was on Tabla while Sudhir Nayak had replaced  Dr Arwind Thatte on harmonium.


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