Pt Ulhas Kashalkar ‘s 60th Birthday Felicitation and Concert

Pt Ulhas KashalkarContinuing the musical “January” in Pune , today was the concert and felicitation of Pt Ulhas Kashalkar on his 60th birthday ( Shashthyabdipurti) . It was a grand houseful function hosted by Pandit Firoz Dastur foundation and arranged by Pt Suresh Talwalkar at the Tilak Smarak Mandir (auditorium) in Pune.

In the audience were the connoisseurs of classical music from all over India, who’s who from the classical music scene of Pune and all the disciples of Pt Kashalkar , fondly known as Ulhasdada.  First half was reserved for felicitation function, speeches by Pt  Suresh Talwalkar , Swami Tejomayanand and Pt Kashalkar himself followed by a tribute through digital media at  Baithak 

The second part of the function after the break was a concert of Pt Ulhas Kashalkar , accompanied on Harmonium by Dr Arwind Thatte , on Tabla by Pt Suresh Talwalkar and vocal support by three of his patta shishya including his son Samihan , Omkar Dadarkar and Shashank Maktedar.

The concert started with Raag Kamod in a bada khyaal that had the styles of Gwalior , Agra and also Jaipur gharana gayaki demonstrated in various taans and phrases. It had that mark of mixed gharana propagated by Pt Kashalkar himself.  The second presentation was Basant-Bahar that has a typical mark of Ulhasdada.  The concert concluded with a Bhairavi bandish “Jagat ke aadhar” ( जगत के आधार ) , which Pt Kashalkar mentioned that he had learnt from Ut Vilayat Khan himself.

P.S :  Link to one of the articles about Pt Ulhas Kashalkar that appeared on  later in an online magazine.


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