Sawai “resumes”

Sawai Report – Day 1a

So, finally 62nd Sawai festival “resumed” after a break of around 20 days. I am calling this Day 1a of Sawai. The reason being , the Festival seems to have simply resumed from the previous Day 1  ( flooding due to unseasonal rains on Dec 12,2014 caused postponement of rest of the festival to Jan 1 , 2015)

The festival and the new year 2015 was welcomed at 5pm by the Sitar of Purbayan Chaterjee who presented Patdeep accompanied by Pt Ramdas Palsule on Tabla. He concluded his short but crisp rendition by 6.15pm with a tune in Mishra Tilang that started with Raag Maand and also included takes from various raags and dhuns from Rajasthan & Punjab.
Anand Bhate classical vocal was the main attraction of todays concerts. He started by 6.30 with a badaa khyaal in Durga (tu ras kanha re) and followed up with a bandish in drut teentaal (chatur sugara baalamva) that gave a good exhibition of his “Kirana” gayaki laden with aakaars , taans but almost no sargams. Audience got a good feel of his tayaari and training in “pure classical” style ( may be first time at Sawai). His voice and gayaki is more suitable for Natyasangeet than pure classsical. This Durga , however gave a good insight of his”Pure Classical vocal” style.
He continued with “Tirth Vitthal” ( तीर्थ विठ्ठल क्षेत्र विठ्ठल ) , the famous abhang of Namdev popularized by his guru Pt Bhimsen Joshi in his own style in raag Asavari.
At the farmaaish of audience he sang a Naatyapad “Khara to premaachaa” ( खरा तो प्रेमाचा ) just for 5-10 minutes and his taans simply enthralled the audience. He was ably supported by Bharat Kamat on Tabla and Suyog Kundalkar on Harmonium.
The third artist of the day was Padma Deshpande ( who is from the family of Sawai Gandharva),who started by 8pm with Maru-Bihag and also presented a new self composed raag called Sudha-Kedar ( Kedar + Yaman) and bandish that was composed by herself.She concluded with a dadra in Mishra Khamaj / Pahadi. She was well supported by vocal accompanist, on Tabla by Pt Ramdas Palsule and on Harmonium by Dr Arwind Thatte.
The most senior artist for the day and the final presentation was by Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia who started around 9.10 pm and could get just an hour. He started with a alaap in Jhinjhoti ably supported on flute by his disciple (Vivek Sonar) and on Tabla by Pt Vijay Ghate. It was 10pm and Panditji insisted that he wanted to play a bhajan “Om Jai Jagadish hare ( ॐ जय जगदीश हरे ) to wish all a happy healthy and prosperous new year ! He concluded with a quick pahadi dhun at the request of audience.
This concluded the day 1 of year 2015 by 10.15 pm ! For a classical music connoisseur , there is not much one could ask for to begin a new year ! The festival has resumed and all the audience, organizers and well wishers of classical music do pray the rain God to spare us for 4 days. The organizers have , however , kept all the readiness for any surprises from the rains though !
On the foodie front , one good news is that my favorite foodie stall
“Purnanna” ( पूर्णान्न ) is open and serving its delicacies !

Day 2 concerts are just 15 hours away.. It would be a fiesta dominated by Vocal music and Bharatnatyam dance.

New year has started “Happily” and acche din have arrived for the classical music fans !

Here is the link to the report of Day 1 (Dec 11,2014)



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