Western Trail : A photo-diary of walk along the western coastal suburbs of Bombay

A visit to Mumbai and a concert at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan , Girgaum Chowpaty inspired me to take a long walking-trail along the western part of Bombay.  This was more like a day long urban trek which brought back memories of good times spent in Bombay during 1995-98 , while working for the WHO Collaborating Center in Parel. My plan was to trace back all the spots that were on my regular visits during those free weekends from 95-98 when it was a good time for exploring Bombay as a free bird !

This is just an attempt at documenting photo-diary of my walking trail ….

My earlier trail of Mumbai  from  Dec 2014 is here. (Covering CST-Fort area-Mohd Ali Road-Bhendi Bajar- Lower Parel- Worli – Vile Parle- Mumbai Metro-Ghatkopar- CST- Colaba- Gateway of India )

This current photo-diary of  walking trail starts at South Bombay near VT (CST) – Fashion Street – Flora Fountain- Oval Maidan-Cross Maidan – Eros-Churchgate – Girgaum Chowpaty- Walkeshwar- Babulnath – Opera House- Haji Ali- Worli Naka-Worli Seaface – Sealink to Bandra – back to Matunga- Shivaji Park Dadar – and finally to Gateway of India for a boat ride to Alibag.

I started my trail from the Fort area , my all time favorite ,  the remnants of wall of the true “Fort of Bombay”  remains only as a small piece of wall that separates the Victoria Terminus (now CST) from King George Hospital !


The remains of the old wall of “Fort of Bombay”


The Wall of Fort of Bombay still standing between CST mail station and the King George Hospital

After a Watermelon sharbat at “KalaKhatta”  opposite Victoria Terminus (VT)  a walk towards fashion street leading to Flora Fountain brings me to junction of Cross Maidan and OVAL maidan.


The pleasant greenery of OVAL maidan , Rajabhai Tower and Bombay University


Organization of Verdant Ambiance and Land (OVAL) managed by TATA group

The open spaces of green surrounded by magnificent buildings is something that is a trade mark of this area of South Bombay


Oval maidan overlooking the beautiful building of Bombay University and Rajabhai Tower


Old British buildings of the “Fort of Bombay” (now BMC office)


The Churchgate area and BMC office


The natural shades at Oval maidan, a perfect place to watch cricket

I particularly like the walk from Flora Fountain to Church-gate , with the statues of great nationalistic leaders on either side of road.


Mahadev Govind Ranade


Gopal Krishna Gokhale

120 122 123

The “Charkha” symbolizing the self-reliance and independence of modern India ( made and maintained by Tata Group)


A mural called “Charkha” at cross maidan symbolizing the self-reliance and freedom of modern India


A mural “Charkha” representing the modern self-reliant free India

The “Parsi only” place of worship.  121

I also caught up this vendor of “Gaavraan Mewa”  ..  ( near Churchgate )


Here are the “Crows” of Eros !  ( at Eros , Churchgate ) 

112 113 114

A good morning at Girgaum Chowpaty  …

027 029 030 031 034 035 036

A bruised dog resting on beach after a tough night of survival in the cruel city ! … ( like many of  the other city dwellers !)


The brave survivor !

The fishermen at Chowpaty …

040 043

The pigeons having a good time on the beach …

044 045

A walk along the Walkeshwar Road for the view of some splendid old bunglows

048 051 052

Babulnath Temple


The tall Om building tower and the beautiful building of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Auditorium

Om Building near Girgaum Chowpaty

Om Building near Girgaum Chowpaty

BV Bhavans auditorium

BV Bhavans auditorium

A night view of Haji Ali taken while traveling from BEST Bus. One of the snaps did move, but it created an artifact that looks like some Arabic/Urdu letters ( I hope it means something ! )

135 136 137

A contrast seen at Worli Naka … BDD Chawl of “workers” standing against the Sky Scrapers !

070 071 072 073 074

My old residence 1995-98 .. Quarters of WHO-ICMR at Old Seaface Road opposite Flora Chinese Restaurant ! ( Lots of fond memories !)


WHO-ICMR staff quarters


Nice mural at Worli Seaface and Seaface Road Junction . A fisherman …


An old “Ghost Bunglow” at the junction of Old Seaface Road and Worli Seaface 

The old "Ghost Bunglow" at Worli Seaface .. still standing !

The old “Ghost Bunglow” at Worli Seaface .. still standing !

Glimpses of Worli Seaface


A view from Worli Seaface

084 085 093 094 095

The “Common man” and the Dog at Worli Seaface

087 089 090

The Worli Bandra Sealink


A nice Air-conditioned bus takes you across from Worli to Bandra in Rs 60 only just to enjoy the Sea Bridge !

The Bandra East : Contrast .. Agriculture in the middle of Corporate houses .. Slums

098 100

The clogged traffic of Bandra East ( pictures taken from the walkway).

101 102 104

Some of the glimpses of  “Shivaji Park Katta”  , Sangitkaar Vasant Desai Chowk , Swantantraveer Savarkar Rashtriya Smarak

143 150

Kashi Vishweshwar at Matunga west


Bye Bye Mumbai … A boat ride to Alibag from Gateway of India…

151 154 156


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