Viva Goa ..

One doesn’t  need a reason to visit  Goa .. one has to just find some reason as an excuse to rush to lively Goa !!
I found one good reason to be in Goa between Nov 4 and 8.. Surshree Kesarbai Kerkar Sangeet Samaroh on Nov 4, 5 , 6 and then a visit to Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary on Nov 7.. lots of wandering on beaches and the Panjim town , old town , enjoying nature , leisure , serenity and the liveliness of Goan life.
After a long time did I feel like writing a blog-post sharing my experiences of travel, food , music , nature and cultural happenings.

Here are the highlights :

1.   Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar sangeet samaroh that started with a curtain raiser on Fri Nov 4th morning by symposium “Creativity in Hindustani Classical Music” .. participants were Dr Alka Dev Marulkar , Dr Vidyadhar Oke and Dr Vikas Kashalkar moderated by Mukund Sangoram.
A full fledged 5 sessions of Hindustani classical music starting Friday evening with Pt Jasraj (Puriya) were followed by a morning and evening session each on Sat 5 Nov and Sun 6th Nov. ( Detailed Report in a separate blog-post )

2.  A foodie trail all over city of Panjim. Being a vegetarian is no contrain as one gets to taste some of the best foods from all over the world in Panjim. From local delicacies at friendly neighborhoods to Continental , Thai , Chinese , Mexican , Italian , Portuguese and what not ..
Some of my top picks for the food joints in Panjim :
1) Kamats near the Panjim Church
2) Navtara near the Police Head Quarters and in the Panjim Market
3) Edu’s restaurant on D B road Miramar, with open air “Restaurant” type sitting .. great for good Goan Food, decent pizzas and Beers/wines
4) Pizza Mia at Miramar .. one of the best pizzas and beer (Bira of Belgium )
5) Route 66 in Panjim city for American food experience
6) Delhi Darbar in Panjim Market for authentic Punjabi food
7) Numerous places in the Panjim Market locality , the area around Kamats near Panjim Church with wide range of choices from veg, non-veg, seafood to international cuisines. I always prefer small places with specialized menus owned by local families. There are many choices here in Panjim.

3.  A visit to Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary : Located between the rivers Mandovi and Mapusa , this is one of the most serene experiences in Goa ! One can get a ferry (free) from Ribander that takes you across to the Bird Sanctuary located on mangroves inhabiting lots of birds and reptiles.  Here is a link to album on Facebook

4.  Beaches of Goa around Panjim : Though a typical tourist to Goa may find the beaches of North Goa more attractive, I prefer the beaches of South Goa , that are more serene and close to nature. My favorite times to visit these beaches are early morning just before the sunrise until an hour after sunrise and then in the evening around sun set !
Miramar is by far my favorite for two reasons .. it is at a walk-able distance and is clean. Dona Paula during sunset is always picturesque !

5.  The legal Casinos on Mandovi River : DeltinRoyal , DeltinJAQK are some of the big ones followed by Pride and others.

Here is a link to some of the snaps :

A nice vacation in Goa for few days is always invigorating .. Le viva Goa !


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