The three unforgetable concerts that touched me

I am an Indian classical vocal music fan. One of my favorite times is during the months from December to February. This is a typical live classical music festival-concerts season in Pune and hence one of the best times to enjoy Indian Classical Music here in Pune.

The Sawai , SwarZankar and the Vasantotsav are the major music festivals that happen during this time. I have been a regular audience to all these festivals for last three years and have attended every concert diligently. This year I had an opportunity to add one more festival .. the Sitar Ratna Rahimat Khan memorial festival of Dharwad , which was special because of the 50th year.

Looking back at all the concerts that I have attended over last three years in these festivals , I could select some that were truly out of this world .. these touched me more than others , the raag , the presentation and the “mahoal” as such had something to do with this.

1) The Sunday morning concert of Sawai on Dec 15 , 2013 : Pt Ajay Chakravarty presenting the badaa khyaal and bandishes in Bhairavi …

2) The Sunday early morning concert at the end of overnight series of concerts at Dharwad on Dec 6, 2014 , presented by Ut Nishat Khan , accompanied by Pt Ravindra Yavagal . It was an hour of aalaap in Lalat on the melodious sitar played in “gayaki ang” and then the spiritual Bhairavi. This was around 2 hour feast that started around 6.30am and continued till 8.30 nonstop !

3) Sunday evening concert in Sawai on Jan , 4th 2015 , of Ut Mubarak Ali Khan accompanied by his shagird Amajad Ali Khan. They presented Multaani that was captivating !  It was THE concert of the festival and Ut Mubarak Ali Khan won over the audience with his voice and the taans !  One of the best Multaanis I have heard in live concerts !


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