Sawai Diaries 2016 , Highlights Day 2


This morning , I woke up humming Basant. Its winter time here in Pune but the spring seems to have arrived with the blooming of new stars on the classical music scene on Day 2 of Sawai.
They say that when Basant gets old and mature , it becomes Paraj. I could get that feel last evening after listening to Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar , a pleasant likeable and brilliant vocalist of Jaipur-Atrauli tradition trained under Pt Madhusudhan Kanetkar ( a direct disciple of Ut Allauddin Khan Saheb and Ut Bhurji {Bhure ji} Khan )
She made a stamp on the highest tier of classical vocal performances this evening starting with Jhinjhoti vilambit bandish “Mahadev Vishwambhar” , madhyalay bandish of Kishori Amonkar “Shiv Gangaadhar” and drut bandish “har har shankar”. The Paraj bandish “akhiyan mori laad rahi” was a master piece and would be remembered for a long time. She concluded with a bhajan of Sant Eknath set in Yaman “Ya pandhariche sukh”

Sangit Martand Pandit Jasraj concluded the second session of Sawai starting with a traditional vilambit bandish of Jog “Piya ghar naa”. The alaap in Kharj (lower octave) was something that connoisseurs look forward to from veterans and panditji presented a memorable , serious (gambheer) kharj aalap that brought a serene , calming and spiritual ambieance. He demonstrated movement of his voice in almost three octaves and enthralled the housefull of audience. A quick madhya lay bandish “saajan more ” and the drut bandish “Hanumaan lalla , mere Raam lalla” supported by his troupe of vocal accompanists gave a full spread of Jog. A quick take of thumri “Sautan ke ghar jayye” also made its way. He wanted to conclued after presenting the bhajan “Mero man” but on farmaish of audience went on to present his quintessential “Om namo bhagavate vasudevaay”
For me , Pt Jasraj represents Basant. This Basant has turned to a mature Paraj and we all could feel that in this powerful Jog alaap in kharj and spanning three octaves !

Earlier, the evening session of Day 2 , started earlier with Ritesh and Rajaneesh Mishra duet (sahagayan), a trademark Banaras style that was welcomed by the young and old alike. The Multaani with traditional bandish in vilambit “Gokul gaav kaa choraa” created that ambience of afternoon that moved to a tarana and a drut bandish “Aanan mein nandlaal” creating a peaceful but energetic atmosphere in the pandal. A short Madhuvanti bandish in drut “un sang lagan laagi re” delighted the audience and the concluding bhajan set in Kirwani with a mix Megh and Malhar “Sur ko saadh re , saadh re” was icing on the cake.

The “flute sisters” Debopriya and Suchismita accompanied on Tabla by able Pt Ramdas Palsule mesmerized the crowd with their Marwa. The intensity of this raag brought out with the softness of the instrument presented in very soulful but powerful manner in medium tempo created a wonderful twilight ambience. The audience appreciated it and applauded in rightful way. They concluded the performance with a playful Bhatiyali dhun. The flute sisters were impressive and the soft tabla accompaniment by Ramdas Palsule brought out the best of the two instruments as “Sahavadan” as against Jugalbandi.

All the four concerts this evening of Day 2 of Sawai 2016, have raised the bar of classical performance to a new heights. The Mishras (junior), the flute sisters Debopriya & Suchismita, Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar and for a true veteran Sangeet Martand Pt Jasraj, have not just followed the footsteps of their gurus in right manner but have laid an example as to how ones performance alone should speak of the highest taalem , dedication and excellence to achieve the highest form of art. One’s last name , gharana and previous accolades help , but ones current performance in front of connoisseur audience determines and earns the true respect ! All these four artists on Day 2 of Sawai 2016 have done that in a most humble and respected way !

Day 1 and Day 2 of Sawai 2016 have both been excellent , raising the levels of performance. The expectations of the audience are now high from the performers of Day 3 , 4 and 5. I am sure they would be matched to the high bar !

In other highlights …

Pt Jasraj sarcastically slaps the “fake applauders” and fake people sitting in front of stage in “Invitational area” ,who clap for no reason , sometimes just to get attention of the artists without understanding the classical or musical part of the performance.



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