SwarZankar Music Festival : Report Day 2

Concerts on Day 2 of SwarZankar Music Festival , opened by 6.30pm  with Rahul Sharma presenting Charukeshi  Aaalaap , Jod and Jhala  … he continued with a Bandish in Teentaal. I was quite impressed by the way Mukundraj Dev accompanied on Tabla. His style of playing the Dagga has a good resonance (ghumaar) and sounded really good. It is possible that , because I am hearing him first time in Pune at Ramanbag in open air , he impressed me more. But I am quite certain that he sounded better than the routine bunch of Tabaljis that accompany routinely in Pune at Sawai and Ramanbag.

Rahul Sharma concluded with a Mishra Pahadi Dhun that had overtures of folk tunes from Jammu , Kashmir and a mix flavor of many other raags including Kirwani.

The featured artists of the day were the Pts Rajan-Sajan Mishra.  Accompanied on Harmonium by Dr Arwind Thatte and on Tabla by the Banaras veteran (Now Puneite) Pt Arvind Kumar Azad. The concert started with Shyam Kalyan vilambit  “Jiyo more laal banara mora” (जियो मोरे लाल) , a madhyalay bandish ” Aiso tum kaun na janat re” (ऐसो तुम कौन जानत रे ) and a drut bandish “Un sang laagi lagan mori” (उन संग लागी लगन मोरी )

They presented a short Madhukauns starting in madhyalay with “Sab jagat dekh antaryami niranjan nirakaar bramh ko”  ( सब जगात देख अंतर्यामी निरंजन निराकार ब्रह्म को ). Both the “Arvinds” are always impressive and the blend with Pt Rajan-Sajan Mishra today created a milieu which was  spiritual , philosophical and full of Bhakti ras ,the sorrow of separation that extended towards pathos and almost “vairagya” with the final Bhajan “Hey maadho kahin na jaat dukh braj ke ” (हे माधो कहीं ना जात दुख ब्रज के)  ….

Thus , the day 2 of Festival ended by 10.15 pm , in a kind of atmosphere only Pandit Rajan Sajan Mishra can create with the music , sur , taan ,taal, sangat and the words used in their prose or poetry !


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