Sawai Diaries 2016 , Highlights Day 3

Friday evening session , Day 3 of  Sawai 2016 began with vocal performance by Brijeshwar Mukherjee  starting with Bhimpalas traditional Patiyala vilambit bandish “Aavo chalo pir ke darbaar” and drut “ja ja re apne mandiravaa” .
Brijeshwar employed the self marketing and audience pleasing acts and tact like his tabla accompanist Bharat Kamat , both of whom could not match the high standards set at the  August stage of Sawai. A good voice quality but a performance full of gimmicks and less of content. The mediocre quality performances of “Yaad piya ki aaye” and “Kaa karu sajani” concluded the concert.  The best part of the this concert was the superb and lively harmonium by Pune’s very own Milind Kulkarni.

Mysore brothers on Violin duet accompanied by Pt Arjunkumar on Mrudangam and Pt Ramdas Palsule on Tabla was the attraction of today’s session. A short composition in Carnatic style Anand-Bhairavi for 15 mins created the background of the concert. They later played a rare carnatic raag “Rasik Priya” that has multiple parallels in Hindustani Style. They played the traditional “Raagam , Talam , Pallavi and Raagmaalaa”. The rhythm jugalbandi between Tabla of Pt Ramdas Palsule and Mrudangam of Pt Arjunkumar , however stole the show.

The Bharatnatyam performance of Purvadhanashri could not reach all the audience due to bad camera / camera angles / only long shots most of the time and poor quality of video transmission on screens.
I am sure that the connoisseurs of dance sitting very near the stage could catch the nuances but I had to give it a pass.

Pt Ulhas Kashalkar , a veteran with exposure to almost all major gharanas of Hindustani Classical music  in  creating his own potpourri , got to stage at around 9 pm and concluded by 10.15pm. Starting with Nayaki Kanada vilambit traditional bandish of Gwalior-Agra by Adarang creating the background mood of the raag , the madhyalay bandish “Baiyyan murak gayee” got an applause from audience. He made a short take of playful Sohini with madhyalay bandish “Jiyara re” and went on to perform the quintessential playfully romantic “Dekh begh man lalachaaye” that brought some energy in the audience. I however think that it could not match the “dard” and appeal of Ut Rashid Khan’s rendition in his younger years which has become a trademark and gold standard for Sohini !
He concluded with a Bhairavi “Tum ho jagat ke daataa”
Sudhir Nayak’s soft hand on harmonium was truly classical and connosseurs did applaud his accompaniment.

Overall a day that could be rated on a lower tier than first two days of Sawai 2016.



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