An enchanting classical instrumental concert – a treat to mind and ears !

An evening that was fully enjoyed listening to the instrumental ensemble of Bansuri, Pakhawaj , Harmonium , Tabla and Jaltarang ,  something unique and very pleasant to ears. The occasion was a concert in memory of Lt. Pt. S. V. Kanhere  at the MES Auditorium, Balshikshan School Kothrud, Pune.  The artists were some of the best in Pune , on Jaltarang was Milind Tulankar  (probably the only professional classical Jaltarang player in India ) , Amar Oak on Bansuri  and Milind Kulkarni. Accompanying on  Tabla was Ganesh Vishwanath Tanwade and on Pakhawaj – Ganesh Papal .

The concert started with a Yaman Kalyan on Harmonium by Milind Kulkarni ,in a long alaap , jod and jhala style. It was followed by a melodious bansuri by Amar Oak starting with an alaap in Raag Des followed by jod and drut bandish.

Then came the ensemble all five instruments playing together ,starting with a dhun in Kirwani on Jaltarang the instrumentalists quickly moved to  jugalbandis of Harmonium , Tabla , Bansuri-Pakhawaj and inter-spread of solo Jaltarang and jugalbandis in combination ! This was a treat to ears that kept the houseful auditorium spellbound ! There was a perfect sync of the instruments, instrumental artists and the taal – lay , which created and harmonious ,pleasant and melodious environment.  The audience were left for wanting more even after an hour of performance of this ensemble. Three hours of instrumental concert had passed and the audience simply did not realize how quick these hours passed.  I guess this is the real power of classical music in general and more so of this melodious instrumental ensemble playing classical music !

This was a concert to remember for long time , a Kirwani to be cherished for long and an ensemble to be remembered for being in a perfect in-sync !  An enchanting experience – a melodious treat to mind and ears !

In the words of Milind Tulankar ” दोन गणेश , दोन मिलिंद आणि अमर ..यांनी सादर केलेली एक अजर-अमर मैफिल “



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