The joy at yearly Pt Firoz Dastur memorial concert

Nov25th Firoz Dastur

The yearly Pt Firoz Dastur memorial concert is truly a bonanza for classical music connoisseurs of Pune. This year the concert on Wed , Nov 25th at SM Joshi memorial auditorium was graced by Harmonium solo by Dr Arwind Thatte and vocal feast by Pt Arun Kashalkar; Two of the most humble veterans of classical music !

By the time I reached around 7pm I could catch the Puriya Kalyan of Dr Arwind Thatte accompanied on Tabla by Samir Puntambekar.
Pt Arun Kashalkar took over the stage by 7.45 accompanied on Harmonium by Suyog Kundalkar and on tabla by Sanjay Deshpande with two of his disciples on tambora and vocal support. This is the first time I heard Pt Arun Kashalkar live. He has a mastery on laykaari is the first impression one gets listening to his singing ! His happy friendly demeanor is accompanied by deep knowledge and understanding of classical music that shines out with each and every note that he sings. He started off with traditional Jhinjhoti bada khyaal (Mahadev Shankar) and presented his own bandish (Gagariya todi) in drut that gave a glimpse to his tappa style singing. Then he presented one of his own (Rasdaas) short cheez in Raag Yaman , Raag Pat-Manjiri and concluded with a Bhairavi followed by a special Bhairavi Dadra of Ut Faiyaz Khan dedicated specially to his wife sitting in the audience !
A nice musical evening spent on the day of Tripurari Pournima or Dev Diwali !


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