Pt Nivruttibuwa Sarnaik memorial concert : A feast to ears and soul !

Nov28th-Nivruttibua Sarnaik

A feast of classical vocal music was served at the annual concert in memory of Pt Nivruttibuwa Sarnaik  at YC Auditorium , Pune.
The evening started with a wonderful short Lecture by Pt Deepak Raja on the evolution of Jaipur gaayaki , the history of Ut Alladiyan Khan and Pt Nivruttibuwa Sarnaik. A thorough researcher with deep understanding and training under Ut Vilayat Khan and Pta Dhondutai Kulkarni (Jaipur Gharana), Deepak Raja enthralled the audience with anecdotes and intricacies of Jaipur and Kirana gharana gayaki. His oratory and incidences that drew parallels between the lives of Ut Alladiyan Khan and Pt Kumar Gandharva kept the audience spell bound. It is always a pleasure to hear Deepak Rajaji about nuances of Hindustani Classical Music, not just because of his knowledge and deep research but also because of his oratory presentation skills in multiple languages !
The concerts started around 7pm with a wonderful Raag Shree by a talented , promising and lively young Jaipur Gharana vocalist Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar. She presented a badaa khyaal with a bandish by Kishori  Amonkar “Parama purush narayan” and continued with a jod bandish “Sumar karle aaj guru ko”. Her presentation has a spark that has intellectual touch and radiates nuances of gharandaaj gayaki that comes out of rigourous “taleem”. Her aakaar taans (alaaps) are truly joy to ears.

Manjiri Asanare-Kelkar  is one of the brightest spots in Indian Classical Music for the days to come in future. She was ably supported on Tabla by Shrikant Bhave , on harmonium by multi talented Shriram Hasabnis and on tanpura-vocals by one of her disciples Ms Thakur.
She concluded her presentation with a Jod raag Basanti Kedar , bada khyaal bandish “Attar sugandh gun naveli naar” followed by a jod bandish “Khelan aayo ri”
The second artist of the evening was Pt Vijay Sardeshmukh , a senior disciple of Pt Kumar Gandharva. His style of singing has a calmness and includes pleasurable taans and  laykaari in madhya-vilambit lay.
He was accompanied on tanpura by his son and daughter in law whose excellent voice quality and training was audible in the vocal support. On tabla was Pune’s budding Tabla player Sanjay Deshpande and on harmonium was a veteran Dr Arwind Thatte, whose accompaniment in itself is a pleasure to ears !

Pt Sardeshmukh started with Shiv Kedar bada khyaal with a bandish “Jogiya jal bharan aayo” that was followed by a tarana. The second raag that he chose was Basant, presented in three bandishes with three distinct flavors and shades.
” Sapane me milti to ” , “Rang kesariya sir baandh” and “Yeh reet hai kaiso ri”
The presentation was so blissful that it created a kind of vibes in auditorium where the audience could feel the power of pure music. Dr Arwind Thatte with the  subtle accompaniment creates a magic that is beyond words to describe.
The final Bhairavi with the bandish “Kachu kahe naa gaye samjhaye jo gaye hamse laal” in ati-vilambit teen taal was Soul-stirring. It is only with a good fortune that one gets to listen to such kind of soulful bhairavis ! The audience present in the auditorium at 11pm had that good luck.
Like last year the Nov 28th evening in memory of Pt Nivruttibuwa Sarnaik was memorable and a feast to ears and soul !


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