A memorable “feast” at Sawai Festival !

My Sawai Report – Day 2 , Jan 2 , 2015

Day 2 of Sawai was brilliant ! Being a classical vocal fan , I personally enjoyed it the most. Starting with the Multani at around 3pm … the concerts went on with “Kaal-Samay anurup ” Raag rendition concluding with the Darbari Kanada , Bhairavi Thumri by 10.15 pm. .. 7 hours of feast of classical music and dance !
Two words that would be repeated in the report of Day 2 of Sawai , like a vaadi and samvaadi are “Brilliant” and “Mesmerizing”

The day started at around 3pm with Dhananjay Hegde’s traditional Vilambit Multaani of Kirana Gharana , Gokul gaav kaa choraa barasane ki naar(गोकुल गांव का छोरा ). He continued with “Sundar Surajanavaa saai re” (सुंदर सुरजनवा साई रे ) in Madhyalay and the jod bandish in Drut , Nainan me aan baan (नैनन मी आन बान )clearly demonstrating his tradition and roots of Kirana Gharana.
He then continued with Gaavati jod bandishes … “Aaas laagi guru milan ki”(आस लागी गुरु मिलन की ) followed by “Mohe mat roko saiyaan”(मोहे मत रोको सैया ). He concluded by 4 pm with a Kannada Bhajan “Tapunna dare bandeyaa Yennayaa tande” . He was well supported on Tabla by Bharat Kamat and on Harmonium by Suyog Kundalkar.

Smt Sumitra Guha, who is the only hindustani classical stalwart from Andhra Pradesh, started her rendition in Puriya Dhanashree with a self composed bandishes .. vilambit “Baaje sur Mohan murli baaje radha bavri”(बाजे सूर मोहन मुरली , राधा बावरी ) .. madhyalay “kaun kare more paar shaam bin” (कौन करे मोरे पार श्याम बिन ) and drut “chalari sakhi saj singaar, prabhu ke ghar darsan ko”(चल री सखी साज सिंगार , प्रभू के घर दरसन को )
I liked her voice and singing which had a deep spiritual touch related to Krushna bhakti. Prashant Pandav on Tabla was extremely good, enhancing the “bhaav-ras” behind the bandishes with the softness of hand on Tabla and resonant Dagga.Harmonium accompaniment of Samir Dighe was melodious.
Smt Guha continued with a traditional bandish in Yaman .. ” Mori gagar na bharan de “(मोरी गगर ना भरन देत ) which I personally enjoyed a lot. She concluded with a cheez in Yaman “pahachaano sur ki mahimaa , jo saadhe nis din lagan aur jatan se paave vo brahmanand , pave vo nityanand” (पहचानो सुर कि महिमा , जो साधे निस दिन लागण और जतन से पावे वो ब्रम्हानंद ,पावे वो नित्यानंद )
This composition of hers was brilliant and could be called as an apt essence of her artistic philosophy behind classical vocal performance.
Though her voice was not supporting her few times, I personally feel that her performance and rendition had right kind of “Ras – Bhaav” behind each bandish and cheez.

The third presentation of the day was of Gundecha Bros – Dhrupad Sanch (Vocal + Instrumental) which was a perfect blend of Classical traditional Drupad Vocal and Jazz.
With Sukhad Munde and Dnyaneshwar Deshmukh on Pakhwaj , Igino Brunori – Saxophone, Virginia Nicoli – Silver Flute accompanying the Dhrupad vocal singing, it was truly a pefect fusion that caught the audience , who attended with almost pin-drop silence!
This unique “band” started off with a composition in Kirwani set to 14 beats Chautaal in madhyalay and continued with a drut lay. They continued with a short composition in Malkauns and concluded with Shivstuti “Shankar Girijapati” (शंकर गिरिजापती )

A stunning performance of the day was rendered by the brilliant , energetic and fit 66 year old veteran Bharatnatyam master , danseuse Vidushi Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar. She with her accompanying dancers and the set of singers and players was simply brilliantly mesmerizing with the synchrony , abhinay , gracefulness in movements and overall coordination. Her accompanist included her disciples Arundhati Patwardhan, Malati Kukanoor, Yashoda Patankar and Lalan Desai. The musicians supporting her were Rushikesh Badve on vocals , Savani Talwalkar on Tabla , Chinmay Kolhatkar on Harmonium , Govind Bhilare on Pakhwaj and Sunil Avachat on Flute. The compere Vinaya Desai too did an awesome job of enhancing the artistic experience by precisely explaining the subtle nuances of Bharatnatyam dance, the abhinay and the themes behind compositions.
The presentation started with a Bihag cheez “Devan ke rajan mahadev” (देवन के राजन महादेव ) .. the second part was a Abhinay Dance of Suchetaji demonstrating the aspects of “virah” set to the tunes of Basant-Kedar-Marwa “Sun sakhi piyu mero kahan”
The third item was a Yashoda-Balkrushna Ramkatha which was set to a raagmaalika involving 6 raags and 6 taals on 17 matra special taal. The concluding presentation was Mangalvachan “sarve pi sukhina santu”
This was one of the enlightening brilliant presentation for people like me , who are ignorant of the classical dance nuances and technicalities , but were  impressed and thrilled to experience the artistic presentation like most of the audience that applauded in unison.

The Final presentation of the day was by Pt Ajay Pohankar that started around 8.30pm accompanied on Harmonium by Ajay Joglekar and on Tabla by Arvind Kumar Azad.
Panditji started with Darbari Kanada vilambit “Aur nahi kachu kaam, mai bharose apne raam ke” ( और नही कछु काम , मै भरोसे अपने राम ) continued with “kin bairan kaan bhare” (किन बैरन कान भरे ) in madhyalay a composition by Ut Amir Khan “More piya mose bolat naahi” (मोरे पिया मोसे बोलत नाही ) ..
The drut bandish was of Ut Amir Khustro in faarsi “yaa ve man di yaa ve” ..sung in a true sufi style. ( as Panditji explained, “this is the true original sufi singing , unlike current naach-gaana” )
As a tribute to Vasantrao Deshpande , Pt Ajay Pohankar sang a thumri “Bindiya le gayi hamari re “.(बिंदिया ले गई हमारी रे )
He concluded around 10.15pm, with a “Patiayala special” thumri in Bhairavi ( Ut Bade Gulam Ali Khan) “Nainaa more taras gaye , aajaa balam pardesi” (नैना मोरे तरस गये , आजा बलं परदेसी )
These bandishes , thumris and mix of Patiyala , Gwalior , Agra gayaki was simply a feast for a true classical vocal connoisseur.

Words fail to explain the immense joy and pure “anand” shared in the seven hours of concert this second day of Sawai on Jan 2nd 2015. Starting with Multani it progressed to Darbari Kanada to conclude in a Bhairavi Thumri .. from the young traditional kirana gayaki of Dhananjay Hegde to spiritual rendition of Smt Sumitra Guha to Dhrupad of Gudecha brothers fused with Jazz on Saxophone-Silver flute to Classical Bharatnatyam of Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar to the old classical style of vocal of Pt Ajay Pohankar with feast of bandishes of stalwarts like Ut Amir khustro , Ut Amir Khan ,Vasantrav Deshpande and Ut Bade Gulam Ali Khan .. it was simply brilliant and mesmerizing !
Truly memorable feast !


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