Gaan Saraswati Music Festival : Report Day 3 , the finale

Day 3 , the final day of the Gaan Sarawati Mahotsav  , started the morning session with Pt Dinkar Panshikar ( disciple of Pt. Nivruttibua Sarnaik ) presenting a rare Jaipur-Atrauli raag , Virat Bhairav made popular by his guru Nivruttibua Sarnaik.The bandish “Bhola Bhola” (भोला भोला ) was followed by Shivstuti “Ganga sir dhare” (गंगा सीर धरे ). Then came another rare raag , Sukhiya Bilawal with a bandish “Devi Durge” ( देवी दुर्गे ) . A bandish in raag Deshkar “taaro shyam kare thakurai” (तारो श्याम करे ठकुराई)  and a bhajan in Kirwani “tan man chain nahi” (तन मन चैन नहीं ) concluded his presentation. He was accompanied on Harmonium by Aditya Oke and on Tabla by Jitendra Kulkarni.

 The other highlight of the morning session was the rendering of raag Charukeshi by Vid Malinitai Rajurkar with a bandishes ” balamava gaye parades” (बलमवा गए परदेस ) and “mharo man dor” ( म्हारो मन डोर ) accompanied on Harmonium by Dr Arvind Thatte and on Tabla by Bharat Kamat. She concluded the morning session with a Tappa in Kafi “bol suna jani re” (बोल सूना जनि रे ) and Bhairavi “aali dhit hat tera chailla” ( आली धीट हट तेरा छैला ).

The evening session kicked off with the rendition of young talented upcoming star of Jaipur- Atrouli gharana , Manjiri Asnare-Kelkar , whose voice quality and poise was impressive. She ably demonstrated her lineage to the Jaipur-Atrouli gharana by the choice of her raags and her performance, first  raag Khokar a variant of Bihagada which is a characteristic of all young Jaipur singers with a bandish “Aaj ananda mukhachandra” (आज आनंद मुख चन्द्र )  and then raag Raisa Kanada , prized jewel of Jaipur-Atrouli reminding of Surshree Kesarbai Kerkar , with a specialized chalan.

 The Story of Khokar goes like… once Ut Aladiya Khan was performing Bihagada for some time and took some taans not typical of Bihagada but were very pleasant to ears. One of the disciples asked about this to the master and then the Ustad Aladiya Khan  replied that he was singing Bihagada with a lost mind  ( मै बिहागड़ा  “खो कर” गा रहा था ) .. hence the name Kho-kar (lost mind) .. the other explanation by Deepak Raja is here  

The second presentation of the evening was by Carnatic violin duo of Ganesh-Kumaresh accompanied on mrudung by Anant Krishnan and on Tabla by Pt Ramdas Palsule. They opened with a composition in Carnatic style alaap and then presented raag Shanmukhpriya in carnatic style. The overall presentation created a pleasant festive atmosphere . The fusion of Hindustani and Carnatic styles with Tabla and mrudung played together was very much appreciated by the audience that was also eager to hear the following concert by the featured artist of the Finale – Ut Rashid Khan.

Ut Rashid Khan , accompanied on Harmonium by Suyog Kundalkar and on Tabla by Bharat Kamat , started off by Malkauns with a soft alaap and a soulful vilambit bandish “Tu hai maalik mero” (तू है मालिक मेरो )   .. the “shant” ras of Malkauns and its divine glorious grandeur was felt in the audience who almost attained an instant calmness. The madhya lay bandish “yaad aavat more piyaa ki batiyaa” (याद आवत मोरे पीया की बतियाँ ) demonstrated the longing (virah) of Malkauns and the drut bandish brought the playfulness with ” aaj more ghar aaye” (आज मोरे घर आये )

The Ustad moved to Thumri with a Bhinna-Shadaj / Kaushik Dhwani repertoire common with “Calcutta” vocalists .. starting with “un sang laagi preet” (उन संग लागी प्रीत ) and then the ever popular “yaad piyaa ki aaye” (याद पीया की आए ) .. The concert and the festival concluded with a poignant Bhairavi in madhyalay , “aaj raadha brij ko chali”( आज राधा ब्रिज को चली )

This Malkauns and Bhairavi will remain in the memory of connoisseur audience for a very-very long time for sure ! A perfect conclusion to the Gaan Saraswati Music Festival and the classical music festival season of Pune !


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