The Finale … Sawai Report – Day 4 Sunday 4th Jan , 2015


The final day opened at 3pm with Carnatic style violins instrumental of the young prodigy , Ambi Subramaniam who started with a composition “Kruti” , he continued with a Carnatic raag Dharmavati (similar to Madhuvanti of Hindustani). His performance and the jugalbandis with the accompanist mrudungam player Ram Murti was well applauded by the audience. He concluded the presentation by 4.15pm with a composition in raag Pilu that called for “once more”.

Meeta Pandit started her presentation by 4.30 confidently with a Puriya Dhanaashree vilambit bandish “Ab to ritumaan”(अब तो ऋतुमान ) and continued in madhyalay with “chanchal chatur albele” ( चंचल चतुर अलबेले) Her clarity in taans and aakaar, her confidence in presentation with a kind of authority over the raag vistaar indicated that a new star in female classical vocal has arrived.
She presented a Kafi tappa in punjabi “Dil daijandve e miyaan chirvale zulfivale” which signaled an arrival of new “tappa princess” of Gwalior gharana !
She concluded by 5.30 pm with a crisp Thumri in Sindh Bhairavi “Sham bhaee bin Shyaam ,mora sunaa lage dhaam”(शाम भई बिन श्याम ) . To me personally , Meeta Pandit seems like a good blend of “Malini Rajurkar’s gaayaki and Kaushiki Chakravarty’s beauty. That should be a good combination to watch for in years to come !

Ut Mubarak Ali Khan started his presentation at around 5.45pm with accompaniment of Salim Akhtar on Tabla and Suyog Kundalkar on Harmonium. His shagird , Amjad Ali Khan accompanied on Tanpura and gave a wonderful vocal support.
The Ustaad started with vilambit Multaani bandish “Jaago mann” (जागो मन ). Instantly he captured the audience with the superb quality of his voice, his taans , his sargam taans and the subtle variations of ras- bhaav in expansion of raag Multaani. It was simply a pleasure to experience this Multaani for an hour.
The singing of Ustaadji and his wonderfully trained shagird was not just captivating and melodious but it gave an experience of the traditional classical vocal of north hindustaan, it reminded many of the era of Ut Amir Khan / Bade Gulam Ali Khan. I have only heard these stalwarts on recorded music, but for this was truly an experience to remember and cherish. Something mind-blowing , blissful..
The Ustaad and Shagird have won hearts of connoisseurs and I myself have become a big fan of this duo. I am sure that we will soon hear the shagird (Amjad Ali Khan) too at Sawai some time in near future !
Suyog Kundalkar did a wonderful job on Harmonium and enhanced the experience of this “Multaani”
The Drut bandish in faarsi “Yeri Yeri aali re” was a high point of experience. With taans , sargams , sargam taans , aakaar taans and vocal-harmonium jugalbandi ,with vocal-vocal jugalbandi of the ustaad and shagird, this raagdaari experience reached a different height.
Ut Mubarak Ali Khan concluded with a Thumri in Des /Sorath  “Paiyaa paru tore shyaam” (पैया परू तोरे श्याम ) by 7pm. The audience had experienced something unique, out of this world and the applause was enormous.
To me this concert of Ustaad and Shagird was one of the finest I have heard , one of the finest Multaani!
Clearly , Ut Mubarak Ali Khan has won the hearts of all Sawai audience including me and I for myself name him as “The Artist of the 62nd Sawai Festival”

Dr Ulhas Kashalkar started his presentation by 7.10 pm , accompanied by Pt Suresh Talwalkar on Tabla and Dr Arwind Thatte on Harmonium. The vilambit bandish in Hameer “Ye chameli fuli champa gulaab malaniya” ( ये चमेली फूली चंपा) , he continued in madhyalay with “tenda re karan mendere yaar aavi”(तेंद रे करन मेंदेरे यार ) and a drut tarana. He concluded his presentation by 8.25pm with a melodious Basant traditional bandish “Fagavaa brij dekhan ko chalo ri” (फगवा ब्रिज देखन चलो री )

Dr Prabha Atre, the veteran of Kirana gharana has the honor of finale of the festival. Accompanied by her four disciples for vocal support and Suyog Kundalkar on Harmonium , Madhav Modak on Tabla, the final presentation began with vilambit Charukeshi “Manmohi charukeshi komal kini jag aaswadi” (मनमोही चारुकेशी ) , the drut bandish was “jagat janani charukeshi”(जगत जननी चारुकेशी ) that led to the tarana “derena derena taana derenaa” (देरेना देरेना ताना देरेना )
Her second presentation was Bageshree in madhyalay “ban ban dhundhat” (बन बन ढूँढत ) and a drut bandish “lage re lage re unhi se nainaa” ( लागे रे लागे रे उन्ही से नैना )
She then presented a dadra in Carnatak raag “Kanakavati” ..”Shyam bin mai, mai pau kaise chain” (श्याम बिन मै , मै पाऊ कैसे चैन ) She concluded with a bhairavi thumri “bairan ratiya nind churaaye aur piya ki yaad sataye” (बैरन रतिया नींद चुराए और पिया की याद सताए)
The vocalist troupe then together sang a durga stuti in bhairavi “jagat janani bhavtarini mohini tu navdurga” (जगत जननी भवतारिणी मोहिनी तू नवदुर्गा )
The festival concluded with the tradition of playing the recorded bhairavi of Sawai Gandharva “bin dekhe pade naahi chain” ( बिन देखे पड़े नाही चैन )
The Family of Sawai fans bid a soulful adieu with a promise to meet again in an years time , same venue and same year ! Dec 2015 !

The “Sawai Fan” awards of 62nd Sawai Festival:

1) Best day of the Festival : Day 2 , Jan 2 , 2015
( Dhananjay Hegde – Vocal ,Sumitra Guha – Vocal ,Gundecha Bros – Dhrupad Sanch (Vocal + Instrumental), Sucheta Bhide-Chapekar – Bharatnatyam dance , Ajay Pohankar – Vocal )

2) The Most promising artist of Festival : Meeta Pandit – Vocal
3) The Artist of the Festival : Ut Mubarak Ali Khan – Vocal
4) The unique concert of the Festival : Dhrupad Sanch – Gundecha Brothers
5) The Best food stall : Purnanna ( पूर्णान्न )


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