New year’s first resolution accomplished !

My first resolution of the year is successful ! I had promised myself that I would write a report about all concerts from Sawai to Vasantotsav that I attend in Pune at Ramanbag , before I retire for that day. I have been able to do that successfully !  In fact , in order to prepare myself, I did start writing reports of all the concerts that I attended from Nov 30th on wards ! December to February is the typical classical music festival – concert season of Pune and I have made it a point to attend all major classical music festivals for last three years. More so , I have sat at nearly the same place to watch last three , Sawais , Swar Zankars and Vasantotsav ! Its been a great fulfilling and enriching experience. One good reason why Pune is cultural and classical music capital , is the series of these “jalsa” type classical music festivals that happen in Pune at Ramanbag.

Now I need to take care of other resolutions that I have made for this year 2015 !


P.S :

Looking back at my diary notes , I had forgotten to blog a report of two of  of the concerts that I attended over the weekend of Nov 29-30th and  Dec 20-21, 2014 ! .. following are those “missed” blogs

Report : Weekend of Nov 29-30th , 2014  ( Bal Shikshan Auditorium , MES )

Last two evenings of November were wonderful ! On Sat 29th , a classical concertin memory of Late Pt Nivruttibua Sarnaik,  by Devaki Pandit and Pt Venkatesh Kumar with spread of raags Lalita-Gouri , Kamod , Chaya Nat (with shades of Kedar, Hameer , Bihaag ) and the traditional bandish Jhananana Jhananana baaje payaliya .. topped with bhajans and bhairavi !

In contrast the evening of Sun 30th was full of music of Asha Bhosale , RD Burman , the melodious music of 60s , 70s .. Salil Chaudary , RD, SD Burman , Asha-Rafi and offcourse Pt Kishore Kumar Ganguly !

Welcome December .. filled with classical concerts starting in Dharwad in first week followed by ‪#‎Sawai‬ in ‪#‎Pune‬ in the second !

The classical concert season has started blooming officially !

Report : Naad Mudra Concert Dec 20-21 , 2014 at KHS ( Shakuntala Shetty Auditorioun )

December 20th, 2014 : Attended the concerts called “NaadMudra”,in memory of Pt Bhaskarbua Joshi this evening. Started off with Bhimpalas by Shrinivas Joshi , son of Pt Bhimsen Joshi. He concluded with a thumri in Khamaj “Kaun gali gayo shyam” The concert got better with Aparna Panshikar who presented “Shuddha Nat” a characteristic of Jaipur-Atrauli gharana. I found a lot of Kalyan – Bihag in this Nat. I had never heard a “Shuddha” Nat earlier, so may be I was associating the phrases with these known raags ! She concluded with a Mira Bhajan composed in “Purvi”  set to a special Tivara taal played by two tabla players. I really liked the quality of her voice , her confidence and thoughts behind the  taans she took. A promising artist to watch for in near future ! The final presentation was by Pt Raghunandan Panshikar. This evening , he mesmerized the audience with a superb Jaijavanti , his laykaari is beyond words ! Simply superb. Due to constrain of time , he concluded with a short bandish of Mogubai Kurdikar ( Mother of Gaan Saraswati Kishori Amonkar) in Raag Hameer !

December 21st , 2014 : The noon concert of Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande was fantastic ! With vocal support from Dhanaashree Ghaisas , and suitable accompaniment by Suyog Kundalkar on Harmonium and Bharat Kamat on Tabla.

Around 12.30 noon , Dr Ashwini Bhide-Deshpande started in ati vilambit tempo of ektaal by badaa khyaal of Yamani Bilawal , that brought a kind of calm and created a milieu of peaceful pleasure. With movements in all three saptaks , taans bringing out a kind a pleasurable calmness in the auditorium. She continued with the traditional bandish of Alaiya Bilawal in drut teentaal .. “kavan batariya gaiylo” … The second presentation was in Madhamaad Sarang with a drut bandish and tarana. The concert concluded with a Bhairavi bandish composed by Chaitanya Kunte and a beautiful tarana.

This was one of the awesome noon concerts that I have attended in a long time.


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