Multaani of Ustaadji and his shagird

It was last Thursday, a week back that the New Year and the Sawai Gandharva Music festival began. While the festival ended on Sunday, the Multaani of Ustaad Mubarak Ali Khan and his shagird Amjad Ali Khan , still lingers on the mind.

The sign of the greatest artist , as they say , is that they are not just impressive themselves as a person , but raise the level of performance and art every time.  One such incident about this concert was very striking… An elderly classical music connoisseur , who had heard the great stalwarts like Ut Amir Khan saheb , Ut Bade Gulam Ali Khan saheb , live earlier, was having tea and snack nearby the concert venue when he heard Ut Mubarak Ali Khan sing. Hearing his first alaap and the quality of his voice , the music connoisseur almost left his food halfway and came inside the concert venue hall. He commented at the end of the concert that this kind of voice is heard once in a century , the traditional classical vocal singing… “One can listen to hundreds of Multaanis but this kind of Multaani is heard only once”

There is no exaggeration in his comment. I personally was very moved by the concert of Ut Mubarak Ali Khan along with his shagird ,that Sunday evening.  It is once in a life time experience that is difficult to put in words. It gave a glimpse of the various moods of Multaani , with his sonorous voice captivating taans and the jugalbandi with his shagird , the audience got a feast of exquisite experience.

The Ustaad and his Shagird won over all the classical vocal music lovers.. from a small child listening to Multaani first time to the connoisseurs and veterans… from casual listeners to the fanatic classical audience.  I was privileged and fortunate to be part of the audience that concluding evening concert of 62nd Sawai Gandharva Music Festival.
Ustaad Mubarak Ali Khan immediately has become one of my favorites and undoubtedly “The Artist of the 62nd Sawai Gandharva Music Festival”


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