Sawai Report – Day 3 Saturday 3rd Jan , 2015

The third day of festival began with young promising vocal artist Ramakant Gaikwad, who  began with Bhimpalas. He concluded his presentation with the classic thumri of Bade Gulam Ali Khan “yaad piya ki aaye” by 4pm. The organizers were unable to honour the requests of audience to let this young artist sing further more !

Shrivani Jade was the next artist who began “samay anurup” with Puriya Kalyan with Aaj sobana ( आज सोबना ) , the classic bandish in madhyalay . She was ably accompanied by Suyog Kundalkar on Harmonium and by Bharat Kamat on Tabla. She continued in drut lay with a bandish “Dhan Dhan tero , aaj shubh ghadi shubh din” ( धन धन तेरो आज शुभघडी शुभदिन ). She impressed the audience with the clarity of her aakaar and taans. Shrivani concluded with a Mira bhajan in Rajasthani ” Maagir ghar bhagaa
The third artist and one of the unique presentations of the day was Bahauddin Dagar – Instrumental Rudraveena . The dhrupad rendition started at around 5.15 pm with a long aalaap in Patdeep and continued with a gat in chautaal with the accompaniment of Pt Manik Munde on Pakhwaaj. He concluded the recital by 6.30 pm,while the audience were expecting more.

The son of Pt Bhimsen Joshi, Shrinivas Joshi started his rendition at around 6.45pm and concluded by 8pm. I could not listen to this presentation as I had planned a visit to the food stalls and chat with all the “Sawai friends” during this time over some delicacies from “Purnanna” ( पूर्णान्न ) and filter coffee ! I enjoyed the famous Sabudana vada and vegetable cutlets of Purnanna to the full, ensuring that I return for the featured presentation of day by Vidushi Malinitai Rajurkar.
Aarti Ankalikar was presented with the “Vatsalatai Joshi” award at the hands of Malinitaai before the begining of the concert at around 8.30pm .Malinitai began her concert with Bageshree ang Chandrakauns in vilambit “tum bin naahi koi jag me upakaari” ( तुम बिन नाही कोई जग मे उपकारी ) . She was accompanied by her routine accompanists , Dr Arwind Thatte on Harmonium and Bharat Kamat on Tabla.
She continued with the drut bandish “Nainan nind hiraani sakhi” ( नैनन निंद हिरानी सखी ).
She then presented the popular Raagmalaa of Pandit Bholanath
Bhatt, “Durgaa mataa dayaani devi” ( दुर्गा माता दयानी देवी ).
No concert of Malinitai can go without a tappa and this was no exception. She concluded the concert with punjabi Bhairavi tappa “Laalwalaa joban Miyan, kis der ki rainda” ( लालवाला जोबन मियाँ , किस देर की रैंदा )

The final day .. Sunday of this Sawai Festival looks promising and the start of 3pm ensures 9 hours full of music ! Thats just 15 hours away !
Good Night !


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