Bhairav – The Aaadi- Anant Raag .. ( भैरव आदी-अनंत राग )

The chilliness of winter is disappearing from the air in Pune as we approach the “Maha-Shiv Raatri” festival on Feb 17, a festival celebrating the union of Shiv and Parvati. This also is the point of change of season from spring to early summer. The festival is celebrated all night with music, sugar cane juice and sweets (also some “Bhaang” if one wishes ) . The festival has a special meaning for Shaivaites – the devotees of lord Shiva.

I could feel the drastic change in weather here in Pune from the maximum temperature of around 24 degree centigrade few days back , shooting up to 35 degree centigrade in last two days. I had planned on listening to only Bhairav and its prakaars all day and Shankara at night , with the Multaanis and Kalyaans sandwiched in the evening !

One video about Bhairav that struck me was that of Ut Vilayat Khan , where he mentions that all the “male” raags are essentially types of Bhairavs : Hindol , Megh , Malkauns , Shree and Shankara . This realization motivated me to write this blogpost today. ( 0 – 1.30 mins in the following youtube video ) 

Bhairav the root of all ancient male “raags”

The must read post about Raag Shankara (rarely heard in routine concerts now a days) is by none other than Rajan Parrikar , who in some ways is also a kind of go-to guy for anything and everything in the classical music ecosystem !

The other interesting post about Bhairav as a primordial sound comes from the Rajan Parrikars site , interesting and very informative.

As Spring turns to early summer, raising the day temperature , outdoor concerts in Pune diminish  and so does my interest in attending classical music concerts ! To me the strings dont sound that attractive in summers ! I might attend few more overnight concerts this Feb and the Abhisheki Classical Music Festival at the end of March , but then would definitely move to listening recorded music and semi-classical / light music indoor concerts in summer and monsoons !


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